Native American Cuisine and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

October 2018 - Podcast

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Why You MUST Try Native American Cuisine | AJ+

Native American cuisine is America's original food, dating back some 10,000 years. So why don't we see Native restaurants on every street corner in the U.S.? Yara went on a road trip through the American Southwest to find out.

Road Scholar

August 2018

Taste the traditions of the Southwest as you and your grandchild learn about pre-Columbian cuisine, visit a local farm and practice your cooking at a private home at a Pueblo.

Be Bold Podcast

June 2018

Partnership with Native Americans (PWNA)

December 2017

Food Insecurity and Nutrition in Tribal Communities

Healthy food choices are in abundance for most Americans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are just a short car ride away, if not within walking distance. But, for our Native American citizens, that is not always the case. Hear a Native American chef Lois Ellen Frank, a Pascua Yaqui Tribal member, and a PWNA staff member discuss what is being done to address the issue and how the Native American Food Movement is supporting a return to healthy, traditional diets in Indian Country.

Stony Brook University - Native American Cuisine and Culture Event

November/December 2017

James Beard Winner Lois Ellen Frank

Be Bold Podcast with Beth Whitman

July 11, 2017

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New Mexico in Focus

December 2016

Learn about the traditional foods of pueblo communities in New Mexico. Correspondent Megan Kamerick sits down with chef Lois Ellen Frank and Roxanne Swentzell, co-editor of "The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook" to discuss food traditions and why some Native American are returning to the diets of their ancestors.

FUZE.SW 2014

Award winning Santa Fe-based chef, author, Native foods historian, culinary anthropologist, and photographer Lois Ellen Frank, PhD. gives the keynote address at FUZE.SW 2014, a weekend-long celebration of food with a focus on Native American cuisine, in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September 2014.

Traditional Superfood
Interview on American Calling
June 9, 2014

Food trends come and go. The latest foods to be labeled a “superfood” in the media include cauliflower and coconut. Do you pay attention to reports that certain foods are especially good for your health? In Native America, our traditional foods contain valuable nutrients that nourish our bodies and connect us to past generations. What are your traditional foods? How are you using traditional foods to help improve your health or the health of your community?

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The Power to Heal Diabetes: Food for Life in Indian Country

Featuring Neal Barnard, M.D. and Chef Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D.

May 2014

Three Color Coleslaw

Corn Mush Pudding with Berry Compote

No Fry Bread

Green Chile Enchilada

How to Cook with Beans

Pinon Chile Beans

Three Sisters | Bioneers Indigenous Knowledge

April 2014

5th Anniversary Highlights Include Extraordinary Epicurean Events, Celebrity Chefs & Sommelier Superstars

The Practical Guide to Healthier Living

FOX New Mexico

July 2011

Chef and Author Lois Ellen Frank Brings Food for Life Recipes to Help Beat Diabetes with Three Sister's Sauté and Indian No Fry Bread (or Tortilla Bread).

Dreaming New Mexico

March 2010